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Hot Dog Roller Machine InstructionsTo use your machine:
1. Turn the Power switch to ON.
2. Use the temperature control dials to the desired settings. To cook product more rapidly, turn the
temperature dials to their highest settings, or in a clockwise direction. To cook more slowly, or to
hold already cooked product on a warm setting, adjust the temperature dial down, or in a counterclockwise
Note: This cooker’s separate temperature dials control the heat settings for different
sets of rollers. The Front dial controls all rollers (number of rollers will vary with model), while the
Back dial controls the last 3 rollers of your cooker. This allows you to cook some hot dogs more
quickly, while holding more cooked product at a lower warming temperature.

$125 Large
$150 XLarge
4 hour time slot Delivery fee additional depending on delivery address

Hot Dog Maker

10 Stainless Steel roller tubes holds 36 1/8 lb. or 27 1/4 lb. Hot DogsSeparate temperature and roller controls for front and rear rollersStainless Steel Cabinet and drip tray