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Cotton Candy Machine Instructions

1 Make sure motor is positioned in the center of the cart and switches are facing
the opening.
2 Plug the machine into a standard electrical outlet.
3 Fill center of machine with approximately one cup or less of sugar.
4 Moisten Whirl Grip (mesh screen) with a damp sponge. This process allows the
floss to adhere to the side of the floss bowl.
5 Turn the motor switch ON and turn the heat switch to MEDIUM.
6 Dampen cone slightly and twirl cone approximately 1 inch away from Whirl Grip.
Do not stop twirling until machine is turned off.
WARNING: Do not put hand close to the center of the machine while operating.
7 Work floss away from the center of machine. You may make several servings,
approximately up to 10 at a time, but will have to stop to allow the machine to cool to
prevent the sugar from burning.
8 Once you have made the servings, you MUST TURN OFF THE HEAT SWITCH
FIRST. This step is crucial to prevent sugar from clogging and burning.
9 Allow machine to cool for a few minutes.
10 When you are ready to make more servings, repeat Steps 5-9.
12 When cool, turn OFF the motor switch.

Please do not attempt to clean this machine as problems may occur.

Cotton Candy Supplies
SERVINGS: 500 1000 2000
Floss Mix 1/2 gallon 10 20 40
Floss Cones 100 pack 5 10 20
Plastic Bags 100 pack 5 10 20

Floss bowl
Clear bubble guard
Whirl grip with 4 clips

Floss sugar carton 1/2 gallon
Cotton candy cones
Cotton candy bags

$60 Rental with Inflatable 4 hour time slot Delivery fee additional depending on delivery address

$95 if rented alone

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton candy is one of those amazing foods that seems like magic until you know the secret. There is no way to produce cotton candy without special equipment (cotton candy machine), but if you have the equipment, it is incredibly easy! Cotton Candy is made from Floss Sugar or Flossine mixed with granulated sugar. The sugar is first melted to a liquid. The cotton candy machine spins the liquid sugar and forces the liquid through tiny holes. When the sugar pass through the tiny holes it is shaped and cooled and becomes a solid again. The center of the cotton candy machine soon becomes filled with tasty sugar threads, which are collected and served on a paper cone. 
​Colors available: Blue and Red